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Joint Stock Company "Ardita ir Ko" was established in 1992, Vilnius and since 1995 became an official representative of DSM Food Specialties for Lithuanian and Latvian markets.

JSC „Ardita ir Ko“ is a supplier of cultures, wide range and fast tests for detection of antibiotic residues in milk, enzymes, coagulants, ingredients for  the prevention of yeast and mould growth on food, crop protection, carotenoids, preservation products, ripenning bags. Qualified technologists assist with individual technical decisions and comprehensive support. Working and sharing the know-how in the dairy, we keep the principle of confidentiality of the process.

Supplied high quality products created by DSM Food Specialties and technological knowledge will optimize the existing production processes and solve the existing technological problems, create new product recipes.

„Ardita ir Ko“ is proud to be recognized distributor  of DSM Food Specialties for Lithuanian and Latvian markets. 



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