Fromase®, Milase® - PROTEASE

Fromase®, Milase® - PROTEASE

Fromase® is enzyme, got from Rhizomucor miehei grebe strain and is widely used in cheese production all over the world. After 1972 years Fromase® is known as very reliable calves stomach rennet alternative, not requiring any or requiring very low cheese making process technological changes and ensuring very high quality of cheese. Fromase® can be liquid, powder, granulated and tablets, as well as depending on thermolability -  L, TL and XL. This enzyme could be used in various cheese production.
More information about Fromase® - LEAFLET.
Liquid milk coagulant for cheese production / microbial coagulant derived from Rhyzomur miehei bacteria.
Fromase®TL effect of pH and ionized calcium composition is very similar to calf rennet effects. Fromase® TL is the heat-sensitive enzyme that ensures inactivity of enzymes during whey pasteurization.
Fromase® 750 XLG developed using chromatography technology. 100 % pure, free from any enzymatic side activity that can be detrimental to cheese making and whey applications. The cheese that is produced with the use of Fromase® 750 XLG can be enjoyed by everyone since there are no allergens present in any of the raw material that are used to produce it.
Dry milk clotting enzyme preparation / microbial coagulant derived from a selected strain of Rhizomucor miehei.

Fromase®50 is a coagulant tablet derived from a selected strain of Rhizomucor miehei. One tablet is sufficient to coagulate 50 l of cheese milk.

Recommendations for use:
• 15-20 min before use, disolve the necessary quantity of coagulant dissolve in 100 g of water. The water must be neutral and without chlorine. Warm 50 L of milk to +30°C or +40°C temperature (depending on the type of cheese). Prepared coagulant solution 3-5 min add into the warmed milk stirring constantly. Leave the milk to stand without moving and without stirring until the coagulum is formed. It should take about 40 minutes, check out the coagulum's condition after 30 minutes. If culture is used in production, then enzyme Fromase® 50 must be added after culture. 
If you need to coagulate for excample 12 L of milk, use one quarter of tablet, if - 25 L of milk, then use a half of tablet.

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