Plastic coatings
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Plastic coatings

Ceska®Coat and Delvo®Coat are anti-mold polivynil acetate (PVA) aqueaous dispersions. Cover the surface of the cheese this polymeric coating, the surface dries quickly and forms a protective film, which gives a consistent color and a good protection against yeast and mold growing on the bark of cheese.


1. Based on natamycin and proven against all known yeasts and molds.

2. Tailored to the needs of the cheese producer.

3. Easy and convenient to use.


Ceska®Coat and Delvo®Coat LEAFLET

The conditions during cheese and ripening time are ideal for mold and yeasts growth. Natamycin-based Ceska®Coat and Delvo®Coat covers are easy to use and will help protect the cheese surface. Natamycin is an effective preservative that can be used for solid, semi-hard or semi-soft cheese. Product concentration can be set according to your needs. Ceska®Coat and Delvo®coat coatings not only improve the quality of the cheese, the ripening, but also reduces costs.

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