Maxiren® - CHYMOSIN

Maxiren® - CHYMOSIN

Maxiren® - 100% pure chymosin, produced from yeast Saccharomyces (Kluyveromyces) lactis, ensures superior milk coagulation and cheese yield, ensures constant taste and flavour developement during the cheese ripenning and the lower influent of seasonality on milk composition changes.
This coagulant is particularly suited to mozzarela, chedar type cheese and gives ability to produce the cheese loved by consumers. The texture of cheese will not change, it will be easy to cut, grated, shredded and after some time from production. 
Pizza lovers will appreciate positively on flexible structure.
More information about Maxiren® - LEAFLET.

Liquid enzyme for milk clotting, produced from Kluyveromyces lactis strain. 


• Clean cheese flavour;
• Suitable for various types for cheese;
• 100 % chymosin (compared with an animal rennet);
• Economical;
• Stable price (compared with an animal rennet);
• No animal disease risk;
• Constant quality;
• Kosher certifikate;
• Halal certifikate;
• Increased production output compared with an animal rennet.

Maxiren® XDS is high quality 100 % pure chymosin, produced by Kluyeromyces lactis yest, which have been separated from Kefir microflora. Maxiren® is the first by fermentation produced chymosin, commercially available.

  • Retains cheese texture over shelflife
  • Maintains lower proteolysis
  • Lowers coagulant dosage
  • Extended cheese texture results in increased flexibility in cheese processing
  • Helps maintain whey value
  • Improves plant efficiency & flexibility


Why this enzyme without proteolitic activity is unique?. More information about Maxiren®XDS  - look here

Maxiren® XDS leaflet

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