This is bactericide with active component - natamycin. Practice has proved that Delvo®Cid is the ideal solution to protect food from mold, yeast growth. A product is useful not only because of the protection from mold and yeast growth, but it requires very small doses. The solution is a colorless, odorless and tasteless. It is perfect for cheese, sour milk products, meat, bakery products and beverages. Delvo®Cid doesn't kill not bacteria and, therefore, does not affect the natural ripening process of cheese, raw ham and dry sausage.


  • Kills all known yeasts and molds
  • Doesn’t affect taste or natural ripening
  • Stable at a wide pH range (4-9) and requires only low doses
  • Even using in small doses, products are safety from molds and yeast for a long time.
  • Easy-to-apply and tailored to your production process
  • Declared safe by independent food safety authorities, including the European Food Safety Authority
  • Doesn't increase costs, on the contrary - saves money:products aren't utilized, clients don't complains.
  • Remains on the surface and doesn't penetrate into the interior of the product, improves the look - the products look clean.

For more information, please, look here - Delvo®Cid LEAFLET

Cheese with mold or yeast on the surface is usually unacceptable to consumers, and for this reason cheese producers try to avoid any mold or yeast growth by installing the best production methods. However storying and maturing conditions are ideal for most molds and yeast growing on cheese surface and even one mold spore can turn cheese completely moldy. Mechanical mold removal is not ideal, because during the growth of mold on the surface produces mycelial threads that penetrate deep into cheese and fades inside. These mycelial threads of cheese inside produces various types of metabolites, some of which are highly toxic and can pose a health risk to consumers. Surface visible mold removal does not affect metabolites cheese inside, and it does not give any security guarantees for the consumer. For this reason, mold and yeast growth must be stopped by food preservatives. Delvo®Cid is active against all molds and yeasts, even with very low concentrations. It does not have bactericidal activity, and cheese ripening is not affected, and more - without prejudice to the surface of bacteriological growth, which is necessary for some cheese. Delvo®Cid not penetrate into the interior of the cheese, for this reason and due to high activity are very cost effective and efficient to use.


Please, extend fermented milk products shelf life - easier say than done... We can help you by offering an excellent product that will protect against mold, yeast bacterial growth.

No matter what type of the product - sour cream, yogurt or fermented milk desserts - Delvo®Cid will help to protect without changing the taste, smell and regardless of what climate zone you are.

If You use Delvo®CidYou'll extend the shelf life of meat products, prevent from mould and yeast growth, reduce costs, destroying the defective products.


A huge challenge for producers to protect short term products with a lot of moisture from moulds and yeasts. Our suggested Delvo®Cid will help to extend shelf life days or even weeks. This product is sprayed on the pastry, but it is odorless, colorless and does not change the baking properties.
Delvo®Cid is a great selection for drink producers instead such preservatives as sorbate and benzoate. It is natural, doesn't leave metal taste and needs very small doses. The costs reduce and consumers are satisfied. Delvo®Cid can be used for both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks and juices.

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