Fermented milk products

Fermented milk products

DELVO® and CESKA®-STAR bacterial cultures (starters) - highly-concentrated, frozen, free-flowing pellets of lactic acid bacteria for direct inoculation into milk for the production of fresh fermented milk products. DELVO® culture ranges and CESKA®-STAR consist of highly concentrated, uniquely selected, defined and undefined multicomponent strains mixtures. These cultures are stable, phage robust, reliable and easy-to-use. Each range contains a combination of cultures that enable the production of veries types of fresh cheese and fresh fermented products without compromising on the quality and stability of final product, even under the most challenging process and storage conditions.

Delvo Fresh leaflet

Delvo®Guard unique protection build on the traditional principle of fermentation by producing various inhibitory compounds, as well as acting through competitive exclusion – giving yeast and mold limited room to grow.

Biogarde – „Get more from your cultures “, the brand name for non-organic yoghurt. It became one of the most traditional brand in yoghurt. 

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