Milk control authorities / laboratories

Milk control authorities / laboratories

The main activity of milk control authorities / laboratories - to ensure, that milk satisfied all quality requirements. They need easy-to-use, safe and reliable tests, which can detect all widely used antibiotics residues. 

Delvotest® range benefits:
• Microbial and fast tests which can be used complementary, throughout the whole milk supply chai.n
• High reliability and accuracy - low number of false results.
• Detection the widest  range of antibiotics.
• Unique microbial test with high sensitivity on tetracyclines
• Detection of antibiotic residues close to international standards.
• AFNOR & AOAC certified and  national reference test in most countries.

More information about Delvotest® tests - LEAFLET

Delvotest® SP NT microbial tests, detecting the broadest spectrum of antibiotic residues in every kind of milk – cow, sheep, goat,buffalo – as well as in dairy products.

It is long method - about 2,5 hours.




Delvotest® T is standard diffusion for anti-bacterial agents such as antibiotics and sulfanomides residues in milk to detect. The duration of analysis is about 3 h and 15 min.




Instruction for Delvotest® T plates:


Delvotest® Incubator - for Delvotest® T / Delvotest® SP-NT ampoules heating.

Delvotest® Microplate Incubator - is designed to be used with the Delvotest® series of antibiotic test kits in the 96 well plate variant.

Delvo® Scan was developed to offer the possibility to read Delvotest excluding the influence of the human factor. Delvo®Scan provides a fully automated option for reading and documenting tests results of Delvotest® plates as well as ampoules. What’s more, our software saves the results in a standard format so that they can easily be imported into data management systems. 

Delvotest® Accelerator - innovation in milk testing. Fully automated and cost-effective, allowing dairies and milk control stations to investigate the contamination of antibiotics. Benefits - a wide range of research, reliable and convenient to use.


Delvotest® Negative Control - it is reference milk sample without antibiotics residues or Delvotest Negative Control, can be used for tests control and as negative milk control sample in determing correct Delvotest® SP NT and Delvotest® T test duration, also the antibiotic and antimicrobials residues in milk check.

Delvotest® Pen 4 Control - DSM Food Specialties milk control sample Delvotest® Pen 4 Control is dried, mixed cow milk. It can be used as monitoring for antibiotics residues in milk detecting tests, which are used in dairy industry. This control can be used for Delvotest® and other systems.

Delvotest® Pen 5 Control

Delvotest® Sulfa Control

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