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Our partner Romer Labs officially launched rebranding design and logo revamping. These developments reflect the company's innovative character and unwavering commitment to food and feed safety. The new Romer Labs design reflects the company perfectly, which is a global leader in providing innovative diagnostic solutions for food and feed safety. In line with our commitment to sustainability and our goal to minimize waste, we will allow ourselves up to 12 months to transition to our new product packaging.


We are proud to announce that Delvotest® FAST BT, lateral flow antibiotic residue fast test, able to detect antibiotic residues from the families of β-lactams and Tetracyclins in 7 minutes, receives the AOAC Certification (CR: 102104).

AOAC Research Institute (AOAC RI), division of AOAC INTERNATIONAL, promotes and conducts activities to help create, enhance, and validate proprietary testing methods. In that way AOAC RI protect consumers to choose reliable testing products. More information find HERE.

AOAC Certification means:

- that the kit certified performs according to what the producer claims;

- guarantees to the customer that an external entity has evaluated the kit according to certain standards, granting a certain accuracy and reliability;

- provides competitive advantage vs the tests that do not have certification.

As transparency in the food chain becomes increasingly important for both dairy manufacturer and consumers, you need accurate and fully traceable antibiotic testing methods that deliver results fast, guaranteeing you full and accurate results and traceability at all stages of the dairy production process.
Delvotest® Fast Q - this test is an innovative, one-step, rapid qualitative test for the detection of β-lactams, tetracyclines, sulfonamide and quinolone residues within a few minutes in raw cow milk.
Delvotest® Fast BT – one-step, rapid qualitative test for the detection of β-lactam and tetracyclines residues in raw milk – forms part of the new Delvotest® Fast portfolio, the latest addition to DSM’s global Delvotest® portfolio, widely recognized as the industry gold-standard of microbial tests. Using Delvotest® Fast BT also offers reliable quantitative assessment of test results with Delvotest® Fast Go Max reader.
DSM Food Specialties’ Delvotest® T antibiotic residue test for milk has received its latest validation by an external laboratory with the publication of a new report by Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira. Based on extensive tests in the Evira microbiological laboratory, the report confirmed that Delvotest® T is a reliable, robust and easy to use test eminently suitable for detecting antimicrobial drug residues in milk. Rigorous testing in the dairy chain helps protect consumer health and assists dairy farmers in safeguarding quality and minimizing waste.
Delvotest T is a broad-spectrum test that identifies the widest range of antibiotics at European MRLs (Maximum Residue Levels), with particularly high sensitivity for tetracyclines. In the Evira validation study, Delvotest T was evaluated as to whether the achieved levels of detection in the laboratory were the same, or at acceptable levels of, MRL compared to the original validation. The study concluded that Delvotest T is sufficiently robust to provide farmers, dairy companies and control labs with an effective tool for routine residue analysis. 
DSM Food Specialties announces the successful validation of its testing tool, Delvotest® T, for determining up to 27 antibiotic residues in raw cow’s milk and dairy ingredients, such as milk powders.
Validation was performed by two independent facilities in Europe and Asia in accordance with the European Community Reference Laboratories (CRL) guidelines.
The report states that “this multi-residue test was easy to use (no specialised analyst required), cost effective (no sample preparation), fast in terms of result delivery (3hrs 15mins) and robust since incubation temperature change and delay of reading did not impact the final result.
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