Probiotics / preservatives for milk products

Delvo®Guard culture

Clean label food protection against yeast and mold with Delvo®Guard 
Do you want to add additional protection to fresh dairy products that benefits people, planet and profit? Delvo®Guard from DSM is a range of clean label, protective cultures that prevent yeast & mold growth in dairy products and extend shelf life without sacrificing taste or texture.
Clean label yoghurt, sour cream, and fresh cheese
The Delvo®Guard range consists of two cultures with unique strains that protect fresh dairy more effectively thanks to their synergistic effects against yeast and mold. Delvo®Guard can add valuable days or even weeks to the shelflife of dairy products

This benefits your bottom line through products that last longer with fewer complaints and returns; it benefits both consumers and the planet by reducing unnecessary food waste; and it provides an innovation platform for new product development – for example in the booming area of ‘on the go’ dairy snacks and dairy products with inclusions of fruit, cereals or chocolate that have traditionally suffered from fungal spoilage.

As a clean label solution Delvo®Guard supports your sustainable brand positioning by enabling better, healthier food that consumers are craving for.
  • A clean label solution
  • Unique protection against yeast and mold
  • Adds valuable days or weeks to shelf life
  • Reduces food waste
  • Ideal for development of innovative dairy concepts
  • Maintains your product’s characteristic taste and texture
  • Easy-to-use: no additional processing step
Technical info
The bright science behind Delvo®Guard is based on an extensive screening of our proprietary cultures bank to discover the unique inhibitory properties of our Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus sakei cultures. These protective cultures are added to yourfresh fermented dairy products at the same time as the starter culture . They build on the traditional principle of fermentation by producing various inhibitory compounds, as well as acting through competitive exclusion – giving yeast and mold limited room to grow.

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