White cheese types (Feta type)

Also known as pickled or white brine cheese, white cheese is coagulated and preserved in brine. Commonly produced in Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East, many local varieties exist and many, such as feta, akawi and halloumi, have achieved global appeal. DSM's expertise and extensive cheese portfolio can help you overcome regional variations in milk type, manufacturing conditions and processes.
Do you want to optimize cheese production while improving cheese flavor and quality? Our reliable Delvo®Cheese family of starter cultures and adjuncts make it happen especially when you combine them with our proven natural enzymes and coagulants. 

An extended shelf life in pasta filata for long-lasting cheese texture? Faster ripening times and unique flavors in continental cheese? Optimizing production? Whatever the need, our products will meet them.

In fact with 100 years’ experience in the cheese industry, our combination of products and expert people we can help you build a winner.

Delvo®Cheese is phage robust, reliable and consistent, easy-to-use.

Looking to improve starter productivity? The Delvo®TEC range of high activity blended cultures has the answer. With Delvo®TEC manufacturers now have a reliable way to avoid the processing and product variation often associated with cheese. Providing precise and consistent process times across a wide range of applications, Delvo®TEC cultures guarantee high quality, accurate results - time after time. Delvo®TEC cultures have been developed with stability in mind. Suitable for all cheese types, the Delvo®TEC range is psecifically designed for in-vat starter applications. It offers:

1. Improved efficiency and reliability.

2. Enhanced flavour and texture in fresh fermented products and cheese types.

3. Greater production versatility

4. precise and consistent process times.

5. Controlled acid developement.

Taste, texture and appearance are not details - they're key points of difference between success and failure. You understand the details and need to use the right tools to differentiate yourself from the competition. Delvo®ADD cultures provides cheese manufacturers with the tools to develop an endless variety of truly unique and distinct flavour and texture profiles. offering unrivalled taste and texture combinations, Delvo®ADD gives you outstanding results to tempt consumers and keep them coming back for more. 


1. Enhanced end-product appeal.

2. Creamy texture and increased moisture content - even in reduced fat cheeses.

3. Added mouthfeel.

4. Unique and distinctive flavour profiles.

5. Improved maturation.

6. Fat replacement.

7. Improved yields and cost efficiencies.

Maxiren® is a range of fermentation produced 100% pure chymosin, produced from yeast Kluyveromyces lactis. Delivers high yields and consistent quality for all cheese types. Maxiren® ensures the maximum milk coagulation and ensures constant taste and aroma development during the ripening of cheese. It also guarantees high purity, consistent quality and stable enzymatic activity. Suitable for all varieties of cheese.

Fromase® XLG is a range of microbial coagulants from the fungus Rhizomucor miehei suitable for all cheese types. Stands for the purest microbial rennet on the market. 

1. Pure coagulant with no side activities.

2. Cost-effective alternative to fermentation produced chymosin and animal rennet.

3. Preservatives free.

Piccantase® is a range of lipases; derived from both animal and fermentation, used for unique taste development in white cheese like feta or hard cheese like Parmesan. 

1. Quickly releases cheese ripening flavors.

2. Delivers a sharp, intense and piquant aroma.

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