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The mild flavour plus optimal texture and mouthfeel properties, reduced post-acidification provided by Delvo®YOG. The highly versatile cultures can help you create a wide variety of traditional and innovative yoghurt products. Each culture can be used alone or in combination to develop tailor - made solutions.
Delvo®Fresh -  cultures, which enable the production of low-fat, low-sugar or low-lactose fermented milk products without compromising on taste, texture or performance. You can now produce more dairy products with the same amount of milk without compromising on the quality and stability of the final product, even under the most challenging process and storage conditions.

Authentic flavor and product

  • Flavor - fresh, slightly fizzy (sparkling) and creamy
  • Validated by discerning consumers

Perfect combinations

  • 7 carefully crafted strains
  • Acidifiers, flavor producers & probiotic strains
  • In a One Bag Solution
DELVO®PRO BIF-6 - this concentrated probiotic bacterial cultures for direct insertion into the milk, they do not have acidifying strains and is not recommended for use as a self-fermentative culture. In addition to the use of dairy products, they can be widely used in baking, confectionery, sauces and juice industries.

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